...I love this place!!!!  My boyfriend and I eat German food constantly, and this place is by far the best there is.  Like
Gus said, it is a reincarnation/morphing of several of Chef Klaus' restaurants, but it combines the best of all of
their menus.  They have the best schnitzel (and dozens of varieties), awesome seafood (try the the Grilled Shrimp
Santa Fe appetizer), and kick ass beers on tap (Erdinger Weiss on tap?!?!?). ..

Every time I am down in the south suburbs, a visit to Klaus' is ALWAYS on the agenda.

Amy Elizabeth S.
Chicago, IL
Chef Klaus' Bier Stube is heavily reviewed at Yelp.com, a widely used online customer review site. Chef Klaus' Bier
Stube is highly ranked, presently with 35 out of 41 reviews rating 4-5 stars. Here are excerpts from just a few user
reviews taken from www.yelp.com.  Click the Yelp button to see others, or just come in and decide for yourself.
...This is by far some of
the best food I've ever
had. I hate sauerkraut,
but there is something
about theirs that is just
mind blowing. Only
sauerkraut I can eat
comes from this place! The
bread with the liver
sausage spread the server
before dinner is delicious.
Wiener Schnitzel is great,
fried up and pounded thin.
Squeeze some lemon and
top with kraut- heaven. ...

Mike from New Lenox, IL
...Any place with a beer
large enough to give you
tennis elbow by the time
you've finished it is ok
in my book, and they've
got a pretty decent
selection to boot. With
about 10 different taps
it's great to come to
even if you're not
eating. If you are going
to grub, you'll be even
more pleased. ...

...When the original Bier Stube burned down we cried.  When they expanded Chef Klaus' on LaGrange road in Frankfort, we were
ecstatic.  The food is just great, and if the decor doesn't do it for you, keep an open mind.  The food, service, and German band will
win you over.  On a date or out for a romantic night?  Get one of the enclosed tables for two.  Really a nice touch.  All in all, this
place has the most consistent German dinner fare I have ever had.  Want a great steak?  Don't pass theirs up.  Lobster or seafood,
give theirs a try.  If you're a fan of that "other place" for steak and seafood near 191st in Mokena, you are sure to make this your
new favorite....

Greg from Tinley Park, IL
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