Banquets by Chef Klaus

Thank you for choosing Chef Klaus restaurant for your special
occasion. We will help you in any way possible to make your
banquet a pleasant and memorable affair.

1. A $250.00 dollar deposit is required to reserve your banquet

2. Deposits are not refunded if your party is cancelled less than
sixty (60) days prior to your date.

3. Your menu selection should be made two (2) weekw ptior to
your banquet
4. We require a confirmed count of guests seven (7) days prior to your party date.

5. You will be charged for all confirmed guests, or the greater number, regardless of whether or
not all of the confirmed guests show.

6. The "no show" charge is the average price per person for the entree. Sorry, we do not
package the meals to go.
Lunch Banquets
(for occasions before 3:00 P.M.)
Dinner Banquets
(for occasions after 3:00 P.M.)
For more information, call us at
(815) 469-0940